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Professional Cleaning services wandsworthOften, you like to take a break from all the hassle in life & just sit back & enjoy the precious moments of life. But you are confused as to how to take care of the most important responsibilities in life. One such major responsibility is cleaning your house. You want it to be thoroughly cleaned & yet you don’t want to spend your important time in such a laborious & time-consuming task. You’ll look for professional cleaning services. That’s where we come in. We at Tendency Cleaners are always up for a cleaning task as that’s our speciality & area of expertise. Our professional cleaning services London are constituted of high standards & thus bring the most value to your time & money by hiring them.

This is why you really need to hire us.
The foremost reason is that we care about your time & money.

Our customer-oriented cleaning services are designed to give you peace of mind.

The other reason is based on our expertise in the cleaning industry. We have been serving our customers efficiently since 2009 & it is no less than pride for us to have so many satisfied customers along the way.

Also, we believe in advancement & therefore always invest highly in training our professional cleaners – the most efficient & advance cleaning techniques. Our professional cleaning services London includes the latest cutting edge cleaning equipment, tools & products.

We not only “just clean” your home; we clean it “efficiently & thoroughly”. That’s what makes us the cleaning specialists of this industry. You can always rely on us when you’re looking for professional cleaning services.


What’s included in our checklist?


The bedroom should be really clean if you want to have a peaceful sleep. If it’s untidy, it’ll only make you feel miserable. We ensure that when you hire our professional cleaning services, we take care of your bedroom in an efficient way.

bedrooms cleaning

Bedroom Cleaning Services

  • Removing the cobwebs
  • Mopping the floors
  • Vacuuming the carpeted area
  • Cleaning the skirting
  • Dusting the furniture (with emphasis on details)
  • Cleaning the doors
  • Moping the floors
  • Vacuuming the carpets
  • Scrubbing the dirt off the light & switchboards
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Cleaning the wardrobes
  • Cleaning decorative items & your electronic equipment in the bedroom

Living Room

Kids always love to do colouring with crayons, eating their meal, & playing with their friends in the living room. They like to watch TV while doing other activities. While this is amazing but it also ends up in the living room being messier than any place else. Our professional cleaning ensures that there isn’t any dirt or dust left in your living room.

  • Cleaning windows
  • Neatly mopping floors
  • Dusting all the accessories
  • Cleaning the furniture effectively
  • Cleaning the TV sets, sound system & other electronic equipment
  • Vacuuming the carpeted area
  • Vacuuming the sofas
  • Cleaning the skirting
  • Dusting the shelves, hangings
  • Dusting the decorative items
  • Removing the garbage



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Cleaning is done professionally





We don’t leave bathrooms without cleaning them perfectly. We’ll clean the mirrors, scrub the tiles, use suitable chemicals to disinfect the sinks. We’ll ensure that hygiene is never compromised.

  • Cleaning the bathtub
  • Cleaning the shower cabin
  • Cleaning cabinets
  • Cleaning all the faucets
  • Cleaning the soap dish
  • Removing the dirt off the walls
  • Moping the floors
  • Removing any garbage


Our professional cleaning services will pay more attention to cleaning the Kitchen with utmost efficiency. We understand that a kitchen should be really cleaned as any dust or dirt in it will put your health at risk more than anything else & therefore our professional cleaning services London take special care of it.

  • Cleaning the cupboards
  • Removing the dirt & stains off the counter
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Cleaning the sink
  • Moping the floors
  • Removing the garbage

Hallways & Staircases

  • Vacuuming carpeted area
  • Cleaning walls
  • Wiping skirting boards
  • Cleaning the stairs
  • Removing any mud, dirt & stain from the railing & stairs
  • Cleaning the rugs


Your satisfaction

As discussed previously, your trust is most valuable to us & we always ensure that we retain it. This includes working effectively & giving you a greatly cleaned home which you would be pleased to live in.


Always There when you need us

We believe that our customers might need us any time of any day. Therefore, we have designed a 24/7 customer support. Don’t worry, if you need our professional cleaning services even during bank holidays. We’ll come to you even on those days.





Complete Honesty

We are always honest with you. When you book our cleaning service, our experts will arrive at your place, they’ll conduct an initial thorough survey for your & our ease. After the survey, our experts will discuss the availability & your requirements.


A checklist to follow

We have designed a perfect checklist for our professional cleaning London services. They’ll follow that checklist & clean your entire house efficiently. However, we believe in giving our customers freedom & therefore as proof of that, you can customize the checklist by adding extra tasks to that. Of course, that would cost you a bit but again, “Do you care to save some money when you’re getting the most value on it?” Our cleaning will ensure to bring value to every task that you’ll assign us to.


Latest Equipment & high training

We can’t provide value to your money if we don’t invest in ourselves. To ensure that we are always looking for the new trends in the cleaning industry & we adapt to them. Our professional cleaning London services are ensured by cleaners who have been trained highly to become experts in their fields & always equipped with the latest equipment & most suitable products.