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After Builders Clean


after builders cleaning
Professional After Builder Cleaning Sevices

When a new building is constructed it doesn’t look at its best immediately. It is due to all the debris, rubbish, waste, dirt & dust which have been accumulated during the construction phase. To bring a newly built building to its pristine state, a professional after builder clean service is much required.

When a person has already spent so much money on a building, he/she will expect it to be clean & lavish. However, the reality is also that the person would not like to spend his/her important time in cleaning the building him/herself. That’s why we at Tenancy Cleaners have specially designed our cleaning after construction services to give your building the cleaner look.

We Providing Deep Cleaning Services, Carpet Cleaning, and Domestic Cleaning Services. Also, there are advanced cleaning tools that are required to remove the dirt, dust & other stuff from the building. Most people don’t have them & buying them will be really expensive. You don’t have to go through such costly expenses & just hire a reliable cleaning after construction service like ours to save your time & money.

Cleaning it yourself won’t be possible, or easy

Let’s admit the fact. You have many other important errands to run. Why would you spend your really important time in doing a tedious & time-consuming task like cleaning a whole house? You can spend that time with your loved ones or improving your health or whatever it is that you love doing. You can leave the cleaning tasks to the professionals who are meant to be for this kind of job.

What is included in our end of construction cleaning services?

  •  Removing all the rubble
  •  Removing all the debris & waste materials
  •  Carefully handling any chemical components
  •  Meticulously removing all the sharp objects (from tiny to major)
  •  Cleaning all the faucets
  •  Removing all the lamination carefully
  •  Removing all the marks of adhesive tape & glue
  •  Removing all the stickers
  •  Wipe & clean all the doors
  •  Wipe & clean all the windows (frames, sill & panes)
  •  Mop all the floors
  •  Vacuum all the floors
  •  Wipe all the walls
  •  Wipe all the ceilings
  •  Clean the staircase
  •  Dust off all the fans, light fixtures
  •  Clean all the switchboards
  •  Remove the boot prints from the floors
  •  Clean the skirting
  •  Clean & dust off the curtains, wallpapers & blinders
  •  Disinfecting your new house to ensure that there is no bacteria or infestations
  •  Clean all the appliances
  •  Clean all the tiles
  •  Clean your new bathtub & shower cabin
  •  Clean all the glass work
  •  Clean all the woodwork
  •  Vacuuming the carpeted area
  •  Remove all the Trash
  •  Remove all the paint spatters & stains
  •  Remove all the mud patterns & textures

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Cleaning is done professionally

What is it that we do in our after builder cleaning service? (let’s discuss in details)

In short words, “We remove all the mess & bring the much-desired look to your house”. However, we accomplish that in the following manner:

Remove all the labels

When a building is just finished, there’ll be a lot of labels sticking to the fixtures, faucets, wardrobes, knobs & so many other things. They can’t be removed easily either. Otherwise, there will be scratches & marks left on the place where they were pasted.

Also, it’ll take a lot of your time to remove them. But hiring our after builder clean service will ensure that there aren’t any marks or labels left on anything. Our cleaners will carefully remove the labels & clean the places where they were so as to give you a seamless & new like everything.

Cleaning everything carefully

The windows, walls, ceilings & floors will be really smeared with a lot of dust after construction. You won’t like that – considering the amount of money you have just spent on building the house, office or another piece of property.

Hiring our professional cleaning after construction service will ensure that everything is cleaned entirely & safely.

We will take extra care in cleaning the windows, sills, tiles, walls & ceilings. Your place will soon be like what it was meant to be – Pristine & Beautiful.

after builders cleaning services

Cleaning the Kitchen & Bathrooms efficiently

Another area where an expert after build clean service is much needed is the Kitchen & Bathroom. It is because the fixtures, faucets, plumbing works, bathtub, sink, shower & oven have just been installed & will be coated with dirt & dust. But don’t fret over it.

Our professional cleaning after construction cleaners will their efficiency combined with the advanced cleaning products & equipment to clean the kitchen & bathrooms really effectively. There will be no trace of dirt, dust & debris left when we’re finished doing our job.

Attention to detail is one of our specialty

When we arrive at your place, we are determined to provide you with the best cleaning experience. To ensure it requires us to bring more attention to the tiny details involved in a cleaning project.

Our professional cleaning after construction service involves cleaning the light switches, door handles, sockets, skirting, decorative pieces & what not. After years of determined persistent cleaning, it has become our specialty. We use our expertise to get to you the best after builder clean service.

You can have your building look really beautiful & we’ll have your satisfaction & a great word of mouth. Our customers mean a lot to us & we always remember that during our job.