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Jet wash high Pressure cleaning Services

Our mobile pressure washing leaves shine behind

Professional Jet washing for mossy, slippery stains!

Instant noticeable results

Performed by local pressure washing teams

Suitable for Paving, Driveways, Patio and Walls

Same day Service available

Price start from £3per square meter

Book a reliable high pressure Jet washing service that comes to your in few steps

Pressure washing service across the UK

Pressure washing, also called power washing, is the use of high-pressure water to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces. The volume of a pressure washer is often expressed in gallons or liters per minute, both of which are units of measure of flow rate. Pressure washing services can be provided by our nationwide professional cleaning specialist. High pressure jet washing is used to deep clean all surfaces outside. Concrete driveways, paths and patios can be cleaned with ease as well as removing any moss or algae build-up. Graffiti can also be removed from most surfaces using our high pressure water preasure cleaning services.

Surfaces cleaned as part of our power washing service

Outside surfaces in the UK are regularly exposed of elements, Gradually grime and dust will find a way to settle. This can also cause slipping hazard. High pressure washing service is the best way to solve this.

Below are some of the surfaces that we generally do.

  • Decking & Patio cleaning
  • Balcony cleaning
  • Driveway & Pavement cleaning
  • Fence & Garden furniture washing
  • Great for Walls too

How high pressure jet washing service performed?

The pressure washing specialist will assess and measure the surface and areas needs High pressure jet washing service, they will confirm the total cost before commencing Pressure washing. After the quote is approved the specialist will prepare the equipment. Important, the technician will need to have access to a running water and electricity.

Once all the pressure washing machines are set, the cleaning procedure will begin. The machine ejects a powerful stream of water that can easily dislodge accumulated grime, dirt, and even certain types of stains patios, driveways.

This service can only be performed if there is drainage or a place where the water can be drained.

Some frequently asked questions and answers about our High pressure washing service

A: On average we clean about 20 square meter per hour, but this can depend based on the dimension and the condition of the surface cleaned 

A: Yes, our technician will arrive in a vehicle, so parking nearby will be required 

  • A: Plastic, tiles, concrete, stone, metal, wood: pretty much anything solid and sturdy enough. Probably the only exception is glass.

A: In some cases there will be some noticeable effect but we can’t guarantee complete removal.

A: The jet washing machine requires electricity and running water. Also, the area you wish to be cleaned needs to have proper drainage.

A: Yes you can do this by emailing, calling, or visiting our website during our working hour to speak to us on the live chat

Our Preasure washing service is nationwide