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House Deep Cleaning London

House Deep Cleaning London Service

Let’s agree on one fact, “you don’t want to spend your precious time – which is all you have left after doing your job or business, running errands, shopping for family, attending meetings, paying bills & so many other things – in doing a tedious task like cleaning the nooks & crannies of your house”. No one really does. But you don’t have to. Not when you can hire a professional deep cleaning service. We at Tenancy Cleaners, understand the importance of your time. We realize that you want to spend what’s left of your time doing things that you love. Therefore, we are offering you deep cleaning house services to save you a great deal of time & energy.

A Brief introduction of Tenancy Cleaners
Our expert cleaning company “Tenancy Cleaners” was founded back in 2009, & since then we have been working upright & have satisfied thousands of customers as a result. So, being a hardworking self-made company our self, we understand the importance of spending time & energy in the right place.

Therefore, you can focus on your work & leave the responsibility of deep cleaning your house to us. We have designed our professional house deep cleaning services around the requirements, needs & priorities of our customers & after handling many challenging jobs, we are now capable of calling ourselves experts & specialists of the cleaning industry.


Why should you hire us?

When a person hires a regular cleaning company to assign it with cleaning his/her house. What they often forget to clear or elaborate is that they really want a deep cleaning service & not a basic or regular cleaning. This may be due to the lack of communication between that person & the cleaning company.

Or maybe the person already thinks that he/she will get everything cleaned up to every fine detail. But that doesn’t happen & in the end, the person thinks that maybe cleaning is just limited to – dusting the top surface or vacuuming at best. However, that’s not true.

We at Tenancy Cleaners offers professional deep cleaning services, that are much more than a basic cleaning. Our house deep cleaning involves, especially, to pay more attention towards the minute details of your house & we complete our job with utmost dedication & determination. Let’s guide you through our services.

What’s actually included?

People are now savvier than ever. Thanks to the advent of technology. But, at the same time, technology has made us busier than ever. To bring convenience to you & save your time, we will briefly discuss our services (what’s included) below.



Whether you have a work station in your own bedroom or you use it to relax; your bedroom needs to be efficiently clean so as to provide you with an ideal & nerve soothing environment. When your bedroom is messy, you can’t rest looking at all the mess. Your creativity & peace will be affected. Don’t worry. We are here to take care of that through our deep cleaning house services. It includes but not limited to:

bedrooms cleaning

Bedroom Cleaning Services

  • Removing the cobwebs
  • Cleaning the skirting
  • Dusting the furniture (with emphasis on details)
  • Polishing all door handles
  • Cleaning the doors (frames, sides)
  • Cleaning & removing the stains & dirt off the walls
  • Moping the floors
  • Vacuuming the carpets
  • Scrubbing the dirt off the light & switchboards
  • Cleaning the window sills & panes (glass from the inside)
  • Efficiently cleaning the wardrobes
  • Folding the blankets & tidy up the bedsides & frame
  • Cleaning decorative items & your electronic equipment in the bedroom
  • Removing the garbage


Living Room

Undoubtedly, the living room is one of the most used rooms in any house. When your friends, colleagues, partners will visit you to discuss some new business opportunity or venture, they’ll more often sit with you in the living room. You can watch the TV or eat snacks while talking or even work. But due to more usage, the living room often gets smeared with dirt, dust & stains.  Our deep cleaning services will get rid of all the dirt, dust & stains. It includes:

living room cleaning service

living room cleaning service

  • Changing damaged doors
  • Cleaning windows
  • Neatly mopping floors
  • Dusting all the accessories
  • Cleaning the furniture effectively
  • Wiping boards
  • Removing the dirt, dust & stains off the walls
  • Cleaning the TV sets, sound system & other electronic equipment
  • Vacuuming the carpeted area
  • Vacuuming the sofas
  • Cleaning the skirting
  • Dusting the shelves, hangings
  • Dusting the decorative items
  • Removing the garbage


You need to have a healthy diet & a perfectly clean kitchen ensures that you do. We understand the importance of an entirely cleaned kitchen & therefore we not only clean your kitchen but we also sanitize it to save you from any kind of health hazard. Our professional deep cleaning services include (but not limited to):

  • Cleaning the cupboards
  • Removing the dirt & stains off the counter
  • Cleaning & polishing the hood vent
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Removing the dirt & grease from the hobs, knobs & burners
  • Cleaning the refrigerator
  • Cleaning juicers, blenders & other kitchen appliances
  • Descaling the sink
  • Moping the floors
  • Removing the stains off the walls
  • Removing the garbage


Who can deny the fact that more often than not, a person gets great ideas in the bathtub or taking a shower? We take special care in cleaning the bathrooms effectively. Our professional deep cleaning services include:

  • Efficiently cleaning the bathtub (not just clean it but disinfect it also)
  • Cleaning the shower cabin
  • Scrubbing tiles to remove any fading, dirt, & blotches
  • Polishing mirrors until they shine
  • Cleaning cabinets
  • Descaling sinks to return them to original state as much as possible
  • Disinfecting toilet bowl
  • Cleaning all the faucets
  • Cleaning the soap dish
  • Removing the dirt off the walls
  • Moping & disinfecting the floors
  • Removing any garbage

Hallways & Staircases

Staircases & Hallways often gets dirtier the most. It may be due to many reasons. More people use the Hallways & they often smear the floor with muddy footprints. Don’t worry. Our house deep cleaning services will clean them efficiently. It includes:

Hallways & Staircases cleaning services

  • Polishing the front door
  • Dust off woodwork
  • Vacuuming carpeted area
  • Cleaning wall spots
  • Wiping skirting boards
  • Dealing with mud prints
  • Cleaning the stairs
  • Removing any mud, dirt & stain from the railing & stairs
  • Cleaning the rugs



Our professional deep clean house services not only include just these but also other cleaning tasks. Also, our cleaners are trained to clean on your special requests too. So if there’s anything you want to add in our checklist, we’ll be more than pleased to comply with it.

Here’re the overall benefits of hiring our deep clean house services.

A quality life

No one likes to come home & find a mess everywhere. Most people will be mentally stressed & even depressed by looking at all the mess. It is really important for them to have a clean home & thus a clean & peaceful environment. A regular cleaning might help you on other days but it won’t when there was a recent renovation or any event. Hiring a professional deep cleaning service will ensure that your house is always cleaned up to the very minimal details & gives you a quality of living.


Customizability (Ease of Selection)

Maybe you’ve already had hired a cleaning company before but you were disappointed because they hadn’t listened to your requirements & that experience didn’t go well. However, there’s always a better option. When you’ll hire us, we’ll give you the ease of designing our service according to your need. Apart from having a pre-made checklist in advance; our professional house deep cleaning team will always listen to what you have to say & what your requirements are.



If it’s an experience that you’re looking for then we have a lot of it. We have been serving our customers efficiently since 2009. We have handled really challenging jobs & emerged successful after doing them. Our customers have always been satisfied because we don’t leave them when the job is finished. We leave when our customers are fully satisfied & pleased with our performance.

We have designed our deep cleaning services around the expectations of our customers. Their satisfaction has always been our pride & it always will be. Our much expertise in the cleaning industry allows us to handle your cleaning in the most efficient, organized & professional manner. You’ll not be disappointed in hiring us. We always ensure that.


Up to date knowledge & advanced equipment

The other reason/benefit of hiring our professional deep cleaning house services is that we invest highly in training our professional cleaners with the most up to date knowledge of cleaning tips & techniques. Also, we pay special attention to equipping them with the most suitable tools & equipment.

The cleaning products we use, are organic & won’t be the cause of any damage to the environment. We’re green at heart & we know that you’re too. Therefore, hiring our professional deep cleaning services will not only give you access to most advanced cleaning but also an environmentally friendly one too.