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London end of tenancy cleaning

Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Other than our efficiency, productivity, advanced equipment & high training, our lots of years in the cleaning industry have given us the right kind of expertise to handle any kind of cleaning job. We have been working since 2009 & have handled the most challenging cleaning tasks during our service. Our foremost value is based on our customer’s satisfaction. We always strive to bring the most value on our customer’s money & time. We are offering many cleaning services that include cheap end of tenancy cleaning, deep house cleaning, carpet cleaning, after builder cleaning & more. Every service is designed to be systematic, well-ordered, efficient & professional. In this article, you’ll discover more about our end of tenancy cleaning & how can you benefit from it.

If you want to know “what’s included in our end of tenancy services”, here’s a checklist
In Bedrooms

  • Cleaning the dirt off every piece of Furniture
  • Scrubbing & cleaning the Mirrors
  • Cleaning the wardrobes
  • Cleaning any kind of picture frames and decorative glass
  • Cleaning the dirt, dust & stains off the internal windows
  • Cleaning the doors (frames, sides) and skirting
  • Dusting off the light fixtures and fittings (remove any oily or dirty fingerprints)
  • cobwebs removed efficiently
  • Hovering your carpets
  • Moping & cleaning the hardwood floor


Our values – your benefits

Your satisfaction is our pride

We have always & will always be proud of our thousands of fully satisfied customers. We work hard every time to make sure that our customer is nothing but pleased with our end of tenancy cleaning service. We even offer a free re-clean within the first 72 hours, if you or your landlord aren’t satisfied (which is next to quite impossible, considering that we always do it right the first time).


We arrive at your house equipped with every suitable tool & product

When you’ll hire us, we won’t irritate you by asking for this tool or that. Especially, when you’re a busy person, it just feels obnoxious to ask you to provide us with supplies. What’s the point of hiring a cleaning company than? Therefore, to save our customers from all the hassle, we always arrive fully prepared. Equipped with our highly invested advance tools, equipment & cleaning products. Our cheap end of tenancy cleaning prices is reasonable & inclusive of all supplies.


We work when you’re convenient

We realize that your kids have to attend school daily, you have a job to take care of, your landlord is having discussions with you & amid all this hassle, you’ll only find time on weekends & during bank holidays. Don’t worry. We understand your issue & therefore arrives at your place when you’re convenient. Be it a weekend or a bank holiday, we’ll be there to help you. All of that in a tailor-made cheap end of tenancy cleaning service.


Professional service with safety & responsibility

We understand that being a busy person, you’ll be worried about the security of your accessories in the house. Don’t worry. Our services are handled by professional cleaners & we always work responsibly. You can go about running your errands the whole day & your house will be secure with us. At the end of the day, after we’ve finished with our end of tenancy cleaning service, you’ll have a really neat & clean house.

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Cleaning is done professionally


what’s included in our end of tenancy services


In the Living area
  • Cleaning Cupboards & cabinets
  • Cleaning the Drawers
  • Removing the dirt off the fixtures and shelves
  • Carefully handling & cleaning the TV sets & other electronic equipment
  • Dusting off & cleaning the Furniture
  • Scrubbing the Mirrors
  • Cleaning all the picture frames, paintings & decorative hangings
  • Cleaning the windows from the inside
  • Cleaning the doors & skirting
  • Removing the fingerprints & stains off the light fixtures and fittings
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Carpets hovered and Hard flooring cleaned
  • Garbage Removed
In Bathrooms
  • Cleaning shower cabin
  • Cleaning the bathtub
  • Disinfecting the toilets
  • Descaling sink and taps
  • Scrub the tiles
  • Scrub the mirrors
  • Clean the extractor fan
  • Clean all the light fixtures and fittings
  • Clean all the visible pipes and plumbing
  • Internal windows
  • Doors, and Skirting
  • Clean all the fixtures & faucets
  • Cobwebs removed
In the Kitchen
  • Clean all the work surfaces
  • Clean the inside & outside of oven, refrigerator & other kitchen appliances
  • Clean the cupboards
  • Removing the stains off the hobs, burner & knobs
  • Clean the fixtures
  • Internal windows
  • Clean the doors, and skirting
  • Descale the sink and taps
  • Remove the garbage from the bins
  • Clean the counter
  • Removing the greasy prints from the light fixtures and fittings
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Hard flooring cleaned
In the Staircases & Hallways
  • Cleaning the woodwork
  • Clean the Mirrors
  • Dusting the picture frames & hangings
  • Cleaning the hand railing & stairs
  • Internal windows
  • Cleaning & polishing the Doors and skirting
  • Cleaning & dusting the light fixtures and fittings
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Carpeted area hovered and hard flooring cleaned


Here’ why you shouldn’t clean the house yourself.

Mainly & above all, for these reasons, you shouldn’t do it yourself & hire our cheap end of tenancy cleaning service.


It’ll take too much time

The foremost reason of why you shouldn’t opt for cleaning yourself is the time. You’ll admit that at the end of tenancy lease, there are just so many responsibilities waiting for you. Especially, if you have kids to take care of. They might not understand the process of the tenancy ending. They might be sad to leave their house or over-excited to move into a new house. Our end of tenancy cleaning service is friendly & your kids will love us too.

Your spouse works too & it won’t be possible for him/her too – to take care of the cleaning in your absence. You’ll need a well-orderly & systematic cheap end of tenancy cleaning service. One that’ll save you a great deal of time, so that you won’t be distracted & could focus on what’s important. Tenancy Cleaner’s end of tenancy cleaning service is time-efficient & never waste a single second of you or its own.


Do you like difficult & long physical tasks?

For most people, the answer will be a “NO”. No one likes to spend ‘days’ in cleaning around the whole house. It’ll consume so much of your energy, that you won’t be able to pay attention to other important tasks. Even the vacuuming alone will make you really tired that you won’t be feeling fresh for the next few days. We encourage you to restrain yourself & your spouse or friends from doing such a laborious task by hiring our effective cheap end of tenancy cleaning. We offer competitive end of tenancy cleaning prices & yet we deliver a supreme quality end of tenancy cleaning service.