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Costs for End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London

end of tenancy cleaning London

End of tenancy cleaning is the service that the professional cleaning companies provide to the tenants when they move out or move to another rental property. If the tenants leave the house in a very bad condition, the security deposit will probably get deducted. Thus, the estate agent or the landlord will hire professionals who will do the cleaning work and pay the cost from the security amount of the tenant.

Can post-tenancy services include oven cleaning?

Yes, a professional end of tenancy cleaning company in London will provide oven cleaning free of charge. Cleaning the kitchen appliances is an important part of this service.

Do tenants have to pay for parking, gear and cleaning detergents?

Using professional cleaning equipment is essential for this service along with the cost charged for them. However, parking fees are not included. Though some companies take care of parking, most of them don’t. This is a good way to differentiate between professional and regular cleaners.

What will tenants not get by hiring a move out cleaning service?

When you hire the services of a professional post tenancy company, they will not clean the walls, wash the exterior part of windows and will not do minor repairs as well as replacements. Carpets and upholstery need to be vacuumed, but if you want them to be done by the professionals, then these companies usually offer these services at an affordable rate along with an end of tenancy cleaning services.

Is tenancy cleaning possible without the tenants in the house?

Yes, it is possible. A reputed tenancy cleaning company in London works with experienced cleaners and technicians who will inspect the entire work carefully and then begin with the cleaning work so that it gets completed on time. These professionals also provide key pickup and delivery upon request.

Is the end of tenancy cleaning service charged by the number of hours?

There should not be any time limit for the services offered. Professional tenancy cleaners will do the entire cleaning work till it gets completed. A thorough post-tenancy cleanup may require anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, on an average.

Do tenancy cleaning companies require a deposit amount?

This will depend on the kind of job that needs to be done. Usually, these jobs do not require any deposit amount, but some tenants might have to make a deposit of 10% in advance to get the work completed, as expected.

How much can a landlord charge for the cleaning purpose?

A landlord may charge you for the entire cost of cleaning. If the check-in inventory report shows that the kitchen was absolutely clean and tidy, then you will have to restore its actual condition according to the lease agreement. The same thing is applicable for how your living room, bedroom and bathroom looked before you had moved in the property.

Before you decide to shift to a new house, make sure your rental property is clean and tidy as it was when you had stepped into it. If the cleaning work seems difficult for you, hire a good tenancy cleaning company who will do it for you and make the rental property look absolutely new.